The Writer In Your Mind

The autumnal chill was shattered

As flaming spears from the grate

Spilled wild fevers through the writer’s cove

Illuminating the inky heavens

Glinting celestial scatterings unveiled

Yet the moon remained cautious

Cloaked within clusters of cloud

Only the advancing sleeper train

Its loudening hypnotic rhythms

Seduced it to unmask its glory

To play hide-and-seek upon its reflective roof

Like a panther awakened from restless slumbers

Journeying through misty terrains unknown

Meandering, a hungry predatory prowler

Edgy and uncertain of where it would rest

Yet convinced and compelled of its onslaught

© Dee G Moray 2021. All rights reserved.

Photo © Dee G Moray 2021

Photo by Mark Plu00f6tz on

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